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Large Animal Care

Image by Daiga Ellaby
Image by Jacob Spencer
Image by Isi Parente
Image by Flavio Gasperini
Image by Nicolas Castez

As any farmer or rancher can tell you, herd health requires a multidisciplinary approach. Immunizations, nutrition, environmental influences, illness and lameness all affect the health, productivity and reproduction of livestock. Drs Don and Amy Sunday keep abreast of recent developments in medicine and research as well as other husbandry practices to provide advice and medical care that will lead to improved production in your livestock operation.

We believe that one of the most important aspects of animal husbandry is vaccinating against potential diseases. There is simply no better way to protect your cattle, horses, sheep, goats or pigs! A few vaccines a year will provide immunity against a wide variety of diseases that are harmful and even deadly.

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